Throwback Thursday- Victon Edition

Posted by ValB on December 9, 2021


Last month I went with Liz to a lovely Victon themed tea party hosted by a local group called KConnect. It was a delightful afternoon of tea, yummy snacks, and gushing over all things Victon. (all of us were vaxxed) The invitation said you could come in costume. Sadly, I only had time to make a cloche hat with a Victon themed flower pin. However, Liz knocked it out of the park. She dressed as Hanse complete with blond wig, beret, and a Chanel-style blazer. It was the absolute best. We had a wonderful time and I met a few new friends.

On the way to the party I realized that I haven’t listened to Victon in a long time. I’ve been busy learning a bunch of new groups and have neglected my favorites. It’s not that I don’t love them. It’s just that there are so many groups that have been pulling at my heartstrings. Being a newish (am I still a newbie?) fan, things are still bright and shiny. I find myself bouncing from group to group eager to absorb every little detail.  

As I drove to the event, I put on my Victon playlist. Kids, the magic was still there. I adore Victon. They are the first group that I really clicked with besides Nu’est. They were a group introduced to me by my teen advisory club at the library where I used to work. I had only two of their songs on my tiny kpop playlist. Nostalgic Night and Time of Sorrow. Both are very much favorites. Even before I gave my heart fully to all things Kpop Victon had already claimed a spot. 

When I met SaraG, she asked if I had listened to any kpop. I was at least able to list Victon as one of the groups I had tried. When I watched the “Mayday” video on her back porch last summer during the great Kpop introduction I was completely hooked. I mean seriously.. Seungsik singing “Losing all my sleep on you” as the opening line? Hella swoon. Not to mention the video is so so good. Check it out here: 

Since then, I have adopted them as one of my favorite groups. I will always have a soft spot for those seven boys who helped me start my kpop journey. This past week I have put them on while working in my pottery studio and rewatched a bunch of their music videos in the evenings before bed. It’s always good to revisit your comfort groups and remember why they bring you so much joy. 

They just released a new song in celebration of their 5 year anniversary as a group. It’s a bit bittersweet since Seungwoo is currently doing his military service and unable to celebrate with the group. However, the song is as wonderful as it’s title and all of us enjoyed their new release. The video is just as charming. Seriously, all the cozy happy feels. Bonus: it’s also about travel and enjoying hitting the road together. I call it a perfect addition to your road trip playlist. 

Give their new one a spin and while you’re at it check out the rest of their albums. I hope they become one of your favorites too! 


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