Musical Monday: Remembering Past Tastes

Posted by Stephanie on December 13, 2021


I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately thinking of the last few years. Things I liked then vs now. You know when I first started this site, I wasn’t even a big Kpop fan? I mean, I listened to a bit of it but only because I should as I loved Kdrama but then…. I fell. Within all this time there was a long stretch that I was hugely into the show Running Man. So much fun. I got hooked, I got my friends hooked. I then took it upon myself to watch all the shows or movies they were in, or listening to all the music they put out.

Hello, Haha.

It’s been so long since I’ve seriously thought of Running Man and it’s cast. (Well, except Jongkook and how much I disliked his collab with ATEEZ this summer or now much I want to see Kwang Soo’s earthquake movie.) So when SaraG put this Haha song in a group chat, I didn’t pay it much mind. It was more of “Huh, Haha is still making music?” then the thought passed. But when I actually had a chance to listen to the song? Surprise to me, I actually really liked it!

His songs used to be heavily reggae-influenced but either I’m not hearing it or he’s moved on. It makes me wonder what he’s been up to while my attention has been pointed in other directions. Has he continued to put music out? I know he had some kids and I’m pretty sure Running Man is as popular as ever. Thinking back, it’s also great to see Kwang Soo here in the music video. With all of their years on Running Man, the two always appeared close, and Kwang Soo had appeared in his videos previously. With the not-so-recent exit of Kwang Soo from Running Man, it makes you wonder, would they still be close or would they ghost each other (like the previous castmember Gary reportedly did?). Who knows the real story, but it has to mean something that Kwang Soo is starring in this video, right?

Anyway, whatever happened, this song and video made me smile and for that, it deserves a place on Musical Monday.

Haha, Gap

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