Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Chungha

Posted by Stephanie on December 16, 2021


I’m not going to say I’m an anti-fan of female artists, that would be rude and untrue, its just, when I flip on my music players, they are never really the music I go to when I want a good listen. However, there are a few exceptions and, due to a weird turn my Youtube Music took for about a week, messing with all my playlists, Chungha is now one of them.

I’m not certain what my playlists were doing. Sure I’d start out with a Jessi song, and sure Jessi is a lady, but she’s JESSI, she stands out and is unlike anyone else. Despite that, my playlists said “Oh, you want to listen to Jessi, we hear you but how about instead…. we make you listen to Chungha. No, no, we get it! No more Chungha…. but how about instead of doing that, we play more Chungha.” Over and over again. What’s this song? Chungha. And this one? Samesies. Eventually, after a while, I actually realized how much I like this song in particular. And after a few more listens I realized that Chungha is a bit of a badass.

You know, like Jessi is. So maybe Youtube Music actually knew me more than I thought I did. Chungha is in the likes of Jessi, of Hwasa, BlackPink, of Bibi, of Jvcki Wai. All artists I like. So maybe I need to remember that and listen with an open ear more often.

Chungha, Dream of You

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