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Posted by Stephanie on December 19, 2021

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Whoops, this post was supposed to go up on Friday but SOMEBODY got sucked in by a drama. (Spoiler alert: That person was me!) I also promised this post a month ago after the event happened, but what can I say, I’m a procrastinator, but I couldn’t let the site close without one more kpop crafting event. The event in particular?

ValB and Stephanie’s EPIC A.C.E. Concert Party.

A few months back, A.C.E had their online concert for their recent Siren : Dawn release. While the Denver Kpop friend group is filled with three different A.C.E fangirls, we weren’t able to watch the concert together and ValB and I decided that night we needed to have an event that fixed that and from there the A.C.E viewing party was born.

Here’s the thing. Both ValB and I are crazy crafty. Turns out we may be the best/worst partners in crime as we turned a simple, let’s get everyone together to watch the concert when the VOD comes live into an elaborate theme party. I love theme parties and used to throw them all the time, Val took my inspirations, added to them, threw thew her own into a pot, and something crazy and over the top was born. There was no “Is this too much?” it was more, fuck it, we want to do this, we’re going to do this.

And we did it.

So here are some of our pictures/video of our A.C.E Party!

First off, ValB created and laminated invites:

From there we had an idea for a marque and ValB’s husband, who we were lucky enough to have as an enthusiastic assistant jumped in and took over the project. (He was also VERY excited about the door security he made himself!)

We decided to separate each section of the house into a different comeback. We divided up the work by each of us taking a different comeback. Siren : Dawn was more of a joint effort. The ‘theater area’ was also the focal point for Siren : Dawn.

Cactus was my area. I strung copper wire and from there, hung garland made of hand-made palm fronds and pictures of the boys from their debut. You’ll also notice the A.C.E cactus pillows that ValB and I made. I stitched the front (hours and hours while watching Hospital Playlist 1&2) while ValB did the flowers and stitched and stuffed. We made enough for everyone to take one home and to send some off to friends who couldn’t be there.

This area, a focal point behind the couch, is actually our candid polaroid area. We had printed alllll sorts of candids that had been posted over the year and ValB created a polaroid frame using her criket. We then glued and cut. I loooooovvvved it.

Then you hit the HJZM : The Butterfly Phantasy. This was mostly ValB’s area. We had posters from the release and used some handy Ikea frames for collages. Down below is where it starts to get fun…

Using ValB’s laminator (love it) we created the floating Jun and Chan. This was probably one of my favorite crafts we accomplished. We also created various standups of the members and, of course, some of LizC’s and my idol candles fit in perfectly!

All the butterflies from above ‘flew’ out of this lantern. ValB cut dozens of butterflies using her Criket. Don’t the boys look swoon-worthy?

Undercover was me. This was a REAL struggle for me. I was going for the fancy graffiti look inspired by the undercover video.

It’s possible some of these standups now live in my house… Val added in her lightstick which really completed the look.

Callin’ was ValB! From the pictures we found, (because though I’m a huge fan, I’m not crazy enough to drop the amount of cash the out of print Callin’ album is going for on Mercari) there was a lot of plaid, so she went with that. I love the addition of the old phone she had just in her house.

Adventures In Wonderland was also Val and I have to say, this was one of my favorites! It was just so fun and delightful.

We did add my Adventures in Wonderland album, one of the few out of print albums I did buy and I will NEVER say for how much.

Come on, how cute are these details!

Once I saw this, I knew I had to step up my game.

VLive Table. This display came from all of their celebrations on VLive for birthdays or (wah) going away parties. We put all of the deserts and the grab bags we’d made. That tinsel is SURPRISINGLY delicate. Don’t breathe too hard on it, or it will rip.

ValB made the most amazing deserts (I was grunt party creating, ValB was the baker due to my inability to bake.) Since ValB is Celiac, everything here was gluten-free and AMAZING. There were lemon cupcakes with fresh raspberry frosting that I decorated appropriately.

Then there were chocolate cupcakes with homemade caramel and pretzels.

There were also chocolate chip cupcakes and sugar cookies. HAHAHHA My favorite are the cactus ones.

I love how it all turned out. Here are some videos of the whole thing!

My battery died and I had to pick up video once it was charged and guests had arrived.

When LizC arrived we were honored that SHE DRESSED UP. This is their outfit from Cactus…. the legendary hot pants and knee straps. It was HILARIOUS.

After eating some BBQ, we settled in to watch the concert.

So pleased with a job well done. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a theme party turn out so well! It was a great night but ValB (and hopefully Brian, Mr ValB) and I had a GREAT time putting it together.


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  • Reply ValB December 19, 2021 at 2:36 pm

    It was so fun doing this crazy awesome party with you!!!! I loved every second of it!! It’s so fun having a super crafty friend that’s willing to go over the top. <3

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