Khottie of the Week: Seventeen’s Vernon

Posted by Stephanie on December 19, 2021

Khottie of the Week

I realized we’re so close to getting all of the Seventeen boys done for Khottie. So. Close. I figured it fitting to have one of our last few Khotties be one of the last few guys from the group. And funnily enough, he’s one of my favorites so I’m not entirely certain why we hadn’t made it to him before. Vernon…swooooon Vernon. Let’s get started.

Vernon was probably one of the first members I learned.

Of course, that is due entirely to his name.


How could you not instantly want to know a kpop idol named Vernon?

I remember chuckling.

How the heck did they choose Vernon out of all the names out there?

I’ve now typed Vernon so much it even looks weird to me, like I’m spelling it wrong? You know what I mean.

The story behind the name though is super sweet.

It’s actually his middle name.

Hansol Vernon Chwe

How did he get the middle name Vernon?

He’s Korean-American and his mom’s last name is Vernon.

Come on, you have to admit that’s sweet.

Or at least I’m glad they didn’t randomly pick the name out of a hat like some other idols do.

I remember going to Kcon and actually sitting near Vernon’s family.

It’s like a special connection.

That and his impeccable looks hooked me in.

I mean, have you seen that bone structure?

That chiseled jawline?

That swoopy hair?

Vernon fangirl say what?


I remember when he did that variety show where he had to tutor that high school girl in English.

Her reaction to seeing one of her favorite idols at the door.

There to tutor her?

That girl was all of us.

Anyway, now that I’m loving Going Seventeen…

And I have a crazy obsession with their newest song….

It seems only fitting I add Vernon to the closing lineup of Khotties.

Fangirl say whaaaattt….

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