Musical Monday: The Did That Just Happen Edition?

Posted by Stephanie on December 20, 2021


Can this post just be SQUEE? With grinning and appropriate arm flapping? Because that might be all I’ve got.

When I heard that ATEEZ was coming back with another album I was like…. already? Hasn’t it been three seconds since they came out with the last one? Not that I’m ever going to say no to new music, right? Fangirls take what they are given and are happy for it. I think I come from a, ‘man, I hope they aren’t being overworked’ perspective, but I guess in the times of COVID, there isn’t quite as much promotion after an album release as there once was. It’s pretty much, get ready for the album, put the album out, do some music show performances, start prepping for the next album.

So that being the case, YAY, new music!

This song and video were SO much fun. I’m sure if I looked deeper into the video itself, there is a lot of symbolism and meaning between the scenes and characters, but, I never like to look that closely. Here I listen to the fun music while watching a kick-ass video with great sets, some amazing costumes, and swoon-worthy posing and posturing. And let’s not forget Mingi’s silver mullet. Oh, and San with the bat?? Why is that so sexy?

The exciting part is this is probably going to be one of the songs that they perform at their concert in January. A concert I not only get to go to but that I have a kind of amazing seat too. I’m going to be in the same room as ATEEZ!!!! Queue another round of fangirl swooning and arm flapping. I was recently talking to Alix who is learning the various members so she knows who to look at during the concert. I suggested she focus on Mingi as he’s very tall and therefore would be easy to pick out from the group. I’m going to have real trouble as I love them all and will be trying very hard to soak them all in.

Anyway, back to the song. It’s fun. The video gives me all sorts of fangirl shivers. Success.

Ateez, The Real


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