Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Surprise Finds

Posted by Stephanie on December 23, 2021


Don’t you love it when you bump into one of those surprise finds? A song or a group you didn’t know or had heard of but never really paid attention to? Then all of a sudden there it is, then there it is again, and then one more time? You then wonder why you never paid attention before? Were they always this good or was it just this song or release? Should I now go and binge everything they’ve ever done? Or just keep going?

Recently, for me, that was CIX.

Funny story about CIX. I hadn’t really heard of them before, but then, right before the pandemic, it was announced that they were coming to Denver for a show. We were STOKED. Vanner, CIX, Ravi, Monsta X. Denver was starting to be put on the kpop map. Again, while I’d never heard of CIX before, like a good kpop fan, I jumped into the ticket fray and bought pretty nice tickets. Unfortunately, then the pandemic did hit and the show was canceled, our tickets refunded. (Without even having to ask for it, thanks promoters!) It was sad to go to HMart after that because the sad little flier for the CIX show hung there until well after the concert would have happened. A little reminder of all the things we were missing out on.

But then the flier came down and I never really thought of them again.

Recently though, there was a good stretch where I was using Youtube Music (my preferred music source, if you pay for youtube premium like I do, you get it for free so make sure you download the app) and all of a sudden the playlist I was listening to was playing a ton of CIX. Surprise surprise? I WAS REALLY LIKING IT! Who is this playing? Oh, that’s CIX. How about this one? That’s CIX too. I want to say that they were all coming from the same release, but I’m not that knowledgeable about CIX to be able to tell you. I can just say, they have a bunch of songs, I like a bunch of songs.

This discovery actually makes me happy. Perhaps if that concert had happened, I would have had a lot of fun. Perhaps I would have become a HUGE CIX fan. Maybe they’ll come back one day. Give the US another go. And if they do, I hope they come to Denver, because I now want to see them for reasons other than supporting Kpop here.

CIX, Bad Dream


  • Reply SaraG December 27, 2021 at 6:38 pm

    Right on schedule. Almost three years after I made you watch the debut, comeback, and the super rad Japanese video…that’s when you notice…

    • Reply Stephanie December 27, 2021 at 6:40 pm

      HAHAHHAHA I’m nothing if not predictable.

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