Favorite BL Couples: A Rebuttal by Junior McFeeley

Posted by Junior McFeeley on December 29, 2021


Hey! It’s me again! I’m gonna be honest, I had a few complaints with Stephanie’s list of favorite BL couples, and I was asked to write a rebuttal. So here I am. Even though I haven’t seen quite a few of the shows, from what I did know, I actually liked most of the picks! Some I didn’t care for as much, but they make sense for Stephanie. Some I just flat out dislike, which is why I’m here.

So for the first couple, there’s MingKit from 2moons2, which is obviously the superior couple in the 2moons franchise from the superior season in the 2moons franchise. The 2moons franchise has never been my favorite as it’s honestly still kind of tainted by the first season for me, but I respect it, and while they may not be my favorites this couple makes a lot of sense for Stephanie, so I’ll have to give it to her. This is a pretty solid choice.

Sarawat and Tine are also not my favorites. I was into 2gether for quite a while, and at some point, I was just done with it. I got bored with it even. I started to see flaws in it, and just stopped caring about it as much. The second season came out and I liked it even less for a number of reasons I won’t get into as it’s wayyy too long and off-topic for this post. However, 2gether still has a special place in my heart and I can’t fault anyone who loves this ship, since, after many issues, they’re adorable together. Yet another good pick.

I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t seen A Tale of 1000 Stars, Boys Lockdown, or Fish Upon the Sky yet, although I’ll likely see at least one of them soon, but from what I’ve heard for the most part those couples are amazing. Also, Jack and Li An from HIStory 3:Trapped are also literally one if the best things to ever happen so I have zero complaints, because oh my god they’re the definition of perfection. The fourth HIStory I will admit I’ve been putting off since Stephanie has given me warnings about it, but I’ll trust that Wilson and Teng Teng are cute. And I’ll also have to trust Taesub and Kyungsoo since I haven’t actually seen their drama either.

Stephanie’s Note: So many shows you need to see! Maybe start skipping school and just watching BL 😉 

Now you’re probably sitting here reading this on whatever device you’re reading this on thinking “Uh… I thought you were here to talk about the couples you disagree with?” Ladies, gentleman, and whatever else you may identify as, I give you Lovesick. I’m choosing to give Stephanie the benefit of a doubt since the way she wrote seemed as though she may not have seen Lovesick for quite some time, and it may not be the same if she does re-watch it. (She could realize how uneventful it actually is). But as someone who saw it more recently… I can’t with these two. I haven’t seen season 2 yet, but at least in the first season they did not work well. Of course we can start with the basics of how they were seeing each other when they already had girlfriends, and refused to break up with anyone. Then there’s how they would create problems out of almost nothing, and while one may be trying to fix those problems for several episodes straight, the other one will be completely ignoring him. Sometimes they’d even bring in problems I thought were already solved. I honestly struggled a little getting through the series because of it’s slow pace (they. wouldn’t. talk. to. each other.), and I just didn’t enjoy how any of that went down. Sorry Stephanie, but they were not it for me.

Stephanie’s Note: They did some pretty bad things in this drama, no lie and it does continue on into season two, but I think you should keep going and finish. Sometimes they separate a story just to have a season one and a season two when, neither story is complete without the other. The first half is them just getting themselves deeper and deeper in the hole and the remainder is them finding ways to dig themselves out, fixing what they broke, while gathering the strength to be together. 


The next couple was Ae and Pete from Love By Chance and I have no problem whatsoever with them being on the list, but more with what was written about them? For example “I have issues with Ae”, “maybe this wasn’t the healthiest relationship ever”, and “If they are going to make it in the end, they are going to need some serious couples counseling.”

Huh? Since when? Granted, this was one of my first BLs, so I may not have the best memory of it but… weren’t they the couple goals couple? If they’re going to need couples counseling what does that mean for literally every other BL couple? And why were there problems with Ae? Relationship-wise their main problems seemed to be because Pete had self-esteem issues, or sometimes one of them would feel pressured about something. From what I remember the problems were solved very quickly, and Pete may need some help down the road, but more personal help than relationship help. I remember this as the show with the couple so perfect who solved all of their problems basically 7 years before those problems could exist, and it was to the point where I almost got bored watching them? I could be misremembering, but that’s what’s in my brain. Season two shows that Ae might have some co-dependency issues, ’cause y’know… he cries for 13 episodes straight, but the reason they broke up in the first place was because Pete thought it would be better for Ae, which could be because of his self-esteem issues, perhaps thinking Ae could do better. They got back together at the end of the season, and I think that at least compared to almost every other couple I’ve watched, AePete are ones we don’t have to worry about.

Stephanie’s Note: Within the framework of the current story, they work well together, it’s a cute story, totally swoonable. What I have some gut issues with is not so much Pete’s insecurity as I feel like, through the drama, Pete actually grows a lot and tries to become a stronger character. What they don’t really go over in season two is its actually Pete’s dad who separates them. If Pete hadn’t broken up with Ae, Pete’s dad would have gotten Ae kicked out of school. As the person with the least to lose, Pete stepped back for Ae. My issue is with Ae’s anger, his jealousy, and while requiring Pete to rely solely on him, will now allow Pete to help him do the same. It’s a double standard. Sure at the moment, he’s doing it FOR Pete, but eventually, Pete is going to become stronger and will want an equal footing in the relationship. I think that if Ae can start looking at him as a full partner and not someone he has to protect, they could have a great future. 

Tonhon Chonlatee is another show I haven’t seen yet, although I’ll probably watch it in a month or so, but from what I’ve heard Ai and Ni are a cute couple which makes sense for Stephanie. Of course, Win and Team are also one if my all-time favorite couples since they’re from my favorite show… and, yknow, Boun is literally so wonderful. I also have yet to see We Best Love and YDestiny, but they also seem pretty cute.

Stephanie’s Note: Dude. Watch We Best Love… or even better wait until I get there and we can watch together 😉

So I purposefully skipped one. FighterTutor. Honestly seeing this made me mad. No, it made me enraged. I know that’s ridiculous, and everyone’s entitled to their own opinions and favorites, but those characters were not well developed. The show itself had some obvious flaws, but there were also many less obvious ones. For example, the only problems I remember this couple having were Tutor being poor, and Fighter’s dad not accepting their relationship (and, well, they hated each other). Neither of these issues, nor how they got together caused any character growth. They stayed basically the same one-note couple through the entire show but they pulled you in through their spicier scenes. They never grew as people, or had anything really important in the plot, and I found them to be a very basic case of enemies to lovers. I think the reason they seemed good was because they were believably in love. Turns out, one of the actors actually likes the other, so there’s a reason it was believable. I really don’t understand why anyone would pick this couple, because, I mean, everything I just said, but I guess you do you, Stephanie.

All this being said, I’d like to say I really do love Why R U, and am planning on re-watching it soon. Obviously, I will still choose to respect Stephanie’s opinions, no matter how much I may dislike it. I would be instantly canceled by the whole BL fandom for one of my favorite ships anyways, even though there are far worse out there.

Stephanie’s Note: We may have to respectfully disagree on this one. Sure, there wasn’t a ton of plot going on here, but I liked the quiet realizations that Fighter didn’t hate Tutor at all, he was really just being hateful to himself for liking Tutor, for being gay, something he knew would never fly with his dad. This story is just about them coming together and learning to accept their insides. 


So I was also asked to make a list of my favorite ships in case anyone was wondering, and who am I to say no? I wouldn’t be anywhere close to the person I am today (mainly interest-wise) if it weren’t for Stephanie, she truly changed my life. So here’s my list.

Pat and Pran from Bad Buddy

Bad Buddy is one of my favorite dramas. Granted, it’s not finished yet, but this drama does what other dramas don’t have the guts to do. Pat and Pran are possible the most healthy couple I’ve seen in a drama, their dynamic is so different, and they have to be one of my favorites.

Kurosawa and Adachi from Cherry Magic

Kurosawa and Adachi also had a very healthy, wholesome relationship. They were pure fluff, but not to the point of being boring. I was fully there for the 24/7 gay panic.

Yoohan and Yeonwoo from Color Rush

Alright, it was kind of strange. And Color Rush is very much a kdrama, which if you know me, you know I’m not big on kdrama cliches and stuff. But… it’s my favorite kdrama 🙂. I don’t know why I love them so much, they’re certainly not the best, but y’know… Hyunjun Hur.

Pla and Sunny from Destiny Calls

Destiny Calls was a cute little short KristSingto did, and it was my perfect drama. There was no not putting this couple on my list, even though probably no one remembers them.Shun and Nagisa from His

Shun and Nagisa had really good chemistry. I haven’t actually seen His – I Didn’t Think I Would Fall in Love, but the follow-up movie (which I genuinely had no idea was a sequel until later) was incredible. I loved watching how well they worked, and how well they treated each other.

Jack and Li An from HIStory 3: Trapped

SO CUTE. SO. CUTE. I don’t know, I just love them so much. I cannot express. The blueprint for them is kind of basic… but I’m not always against basic, I’m a sucker for coffee shop AUs. They were just adorable, and I love them, and yeah.

Haoting and Shigu from HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count

Listen, they didn’t have the best start, but once they got past it, they were the diabetes couple. They were tooth-rottingly sweet, and I ate up every minute of it. I was addicted. Also, i don’t care what Stephanie says, the ending was very well done and I sobbed. This couple was so perfect, yet still interesting, and addicting, and I love them for it.

Ae and Pete from Love by Chance

The couple goals couple. Perfection. From what I remember, they were simply the best. Season two was a bit much, but they weren’t together in that time. They’re super cute together, they communicate, and they are easily one of my favorites.

Nubsib and Gene from Lovely Writer

So… I’m not actually finished with Lovely Writer. I’m actually not even halfway through. But… it’s a well formed couple, the ideas behind them were cute, and they were well executed. I enjoy how we take our time, waiting for Gene to open up, while Nubsib is cooking in the corner, literally being the definition of husband material. Is there a decent age gap between them? Yes. Do I really care though? Not really.

Ram and King from My Engineer

THIS COUPLE SAVED THE SHOW. They. Are. So. Cute. I’m addicted to every aspect of them. They’re so fun to analyze, and Ram slowly opening up to King was so cute. King’s persistence to at the very least befriend Ram is incredibly wholesome, and the connections with plants are adorable. I may not lile drunk confessions… but seeing Ram completely lose his cool because of King was enough for me to jump right on that train. I need more content. Where’s season 2?

Toji and Yuzuru from Seven Days

Seven Days is one if my favorite BLs and if you haven’t seen it please stop reading this and go watch it. Come back later, it’s fine. You will not regret it. I watched it on two different nights I couldn’t fall asleep and it was the cutest thing, and I want to thank the writers for making it exist.

Way and Kim from The Shipper

More wholesome content. The more you learn about the characters, the better this ship gets. Their worlds revolved around each other, but not in a toxic way. They were just nice people, and I want more of that in the BL industry.

Khai and Third from Theory of Love

Khai and Third made it to my list because first of all, OffGun. Second of all Off sucked at the beginning, and then had 6 episodes of a well-done redemption ark, where he started on the path to actually becoming a likeable and respectable character. He obviously still was going to need more help, but he’s going the right way which is what I find most important. I appreciate this drama.

Korn and Intouch from Until We Meet Again

Intouch is adorable, and originally (according to the books) didn’t plan to date Korn, he just wanted to befriend him because Korn always looked sad/lonely/etc. Korn is colder on the outside, but is soft for Intouch, and while he may not always show it, it was so beautiful to just see him break when Intouch was in trouble or danger. They worked so well with each other which made their story even more heartbreaking. It was done so well, and they definitely had to be in my favorites.

Win and Team from Until We Meet Again

I agree with Stephanie. I did like them more than the main ship. They were just so cute. I’m alright with the number of scenes they got since they’re getting their own show, and obviously there’s so much going on in the plot that it’s not necessary to distract from it so much. I also feel like if we saw more, their own series would be less interesting, since it seems to take place at the same time, and we would have already seen too much content. I feel as though they had a good amount of content considering the circumstances, and I’m so excited to see what else they’re going to do.

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