Episode 288: The End.

Posted by Stephanie on December 31, 2021


It’s our very last episode! Before we get to that very important end, we have some very important things to talk about! Finishing the drama Happiness, finally starting Strong Woman Do Bong Soo and the angsty Rain or Shine. We’ll also talk about Stephanie’s favorite songs of 2021, do our last series of ‘Who Would Yous’ provided by Xe, and then find out… who exactly is our second lead soulmate! (The answer may shock you.) All this before saying the final goodbye. Thanks, friends.


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Dramas Mentioned

Strong Woman Do Bong So
Rain or Shine

Photos of the office:

SM End of the Year Concert


Stephanie’s Favorite Songs of 2021


Stephanie Would Like to Apologize for the Following:

It’s our last episode, why should Stephanie apologize for ANYTHING?

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