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The Village Chat: Part 15&16 Final Thoughts

Posted by Stephanie on December 17, 2015



Ding Dong-The Witch Is Dead! Which Old Witch? The Village Witch! Yep, Jacqueline and I, for better or worse, just finished the last two episodes of The Village. And to be completely honest, this discussion is going to be a little bit harder because it will have to encompass, not only the last two episodes, but also the drama as a whole. Either way, I’m sure we’ve got lots of crap (or crappiness? Possibly?) to talk about.

Stephanie: So Jacqueline, how do you feel about this drama? Read more

The Village Chat Part 13&14–We Knew It!

Posted by Stephanie on December 7, 2015




We are indeed a little behind on finishing the series, what with the episode delay and then the holiday, but never fear, we are resolved to finishing this dumb drama! (And I say dumb as I think we may have been giving the writer a bit more credit than he/she deserved.)

Stephanie: First, lets start off in the immortal words of Tyra Banks Read more

The Village Chat Part 11&12: A Dirty Little Town

Posted by Stephanie on November 20, 2015


village 2

*Side note, this post is not late, last week only one episode played and now their schedule through the end will be a little wonky. *

And Low, we be-ist a mere 4 episodes from the finish-ith of this drama. What say we? Pleased or displeased? (Or methinks perhaps just a little bored?) Read more

The Village Chat Parts 9&10: Everybody’s A Secret Baby!

Posted by Stephanie on November 12, 2015


village 34

Another big set of episodes for us here! I can’t believe we’re–while not in the final stretch–we are more than half way through–and they seem to have saved lots of twists and turns for us.

*Side note, this show is getting CRAZY! So unless you’ve watched these episodes, this chat might not make sense–because we’re trying to make sense of a show that just doesn’t. (In a good way.) Read more

The Village Chat Parts 7&8: The Backbone Comeith

Posted by Stephanie on November 4, 2015


village 26

Forward movement! Intriguing plot twists! Character development! Could it be that this drama has finally grown out it’s set up and decided to become an interesting drama? Or was it just interesting because we spent most of the episode going,what is going on? Who is that? Seriously, what is going on?? Read more

Village Chat Part 5&6: Is That My Sister?

Posted by Stephanie on October 31, 2015


village 13

Two more episodes in the bag! I’d like to say that these suckers are going down easy, but that would be a lie, and we don’t lie here at Kchat Jjigae chats–unless of course that lie is somehow entertaining. I’m feeling like we’re as close to figuring out who the killer is the heroine is as close to finally realizing who her sister is. Although let’s hope that the killer’s identity isn’t quite as obvious and we’re not being quite as dumb as the heroine…

Stephanie: I’m going to open up this time by saying, I’m not entirely sure this drama knows what it wants to be, a murder mystery or a paranormal thriller. One of which they do well, and the other? Not so much. (I’ll let you be the judge as to which is which–and watch out this is a trick question!) Read more

The Village Parts 3&4 Chat: Perverts On High

Posted by Stephanie on October 23, 2015



Our week of catch up is on! Here we are talking episodes 3 & 4 which seemed to move along fairly quickly, story wise, and surprisingly answered a few of our questions from the first week. Most of it though? Seemed to focus on the *gasp* perverted cross dresser. Which I’m sure we’re going to spend about as much time bitching about as they did cringing from. Ready? BEGIN! Read more

The Village Part 1&2 Chat: Attack of the Vacant Heroine

Posted by Stephanie on October 20, 2015


the village

Stephanie: The first episode! Let me start by saying how happy I am that Viki decided to pick this up for subbing!

Jacqueline: RIGHT?! Thank God for Viki saving the day. Again!

Stephanie: So let’s kick this off! I wanted to see this because it seemed like it wasn’t going to be your typical Kdrama, it seemed a little bit creepy–maybe a little bit scary? And I have to admit, the first two episodes have really done a good job at setting the scene–despite some things we didn’t quite care for. Read more

The Farewell Tour: Highlights and Lowlights 2017-2019

Posted by Stephanie on December 22, 2021


And this is where life got real crazy. I moved to Colorado, hired onto an amazing job which, unfortunately, came with a huge amount of overtime. Great for the pocketbook and experience, but not great for the drama watching time. But looking back, I do like where the variety took me from different countries to genres. I have a mystery time travel from Japan, Korean zombies, a great high school noir, and some good old fashioned romances both of the chaebol and underdog variety. This is also sees the start of our dear friend Alix’s descent into BL and the rise of our BL and Bubbles weekend watching marathons. Good times.

Read more

The Farewell Tour: Highlights and Lowlights 2015-2016

Posted by Stephanie on December 21, 2021


Looking back at my watching history, it’s funny how you can see just when my life started to really change. Life started to get hard. Really hard and I found myself falling into a bit of a funk that made it really hard for me to watch dramas. My long-term job started going downhill, I had a knee injury that kept me pretty immobile, my job ended, and then I found a new job one that was terrible. Long hours and very little happiness. Sure looking back I know I had to go through these years in order to get to where I am now, you know, darkest before the dawn and all that, but it’s hard to look back! Upside, this was when I got hot into Kpop and I managed to spend what little money I did have on kpop concerts and schwag. We still have some great shows going on here, some idols next door, some more BL (good and bad), and a few jaunts through history. Also interesting to note, this is where my tastes start to change from romance to something a little…darker. Huh. I wonder why??? Read more

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