About Kchat Jjigae: After gulping down Kdramas, I needed to be able to talk to someone about what I was seeing—as my friends don’t watch Kdrama, they reached their saturation point pretty quickly—so I had to look elsewhere. On a whim, I started Crazy for Kdrama. I’ve had personal blogs before, and they never really stuck, so I am shocked and amazed that I’m still here! And I think it’s because of you guys reading and commenting—it’s a huge rush!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances and some evil bots, Crazy for Kdrama was shut down. Much tears and hair-pulling later, we put our big girl panties on and started fresh—and from there Kchat Jjigae was born. Same great content, just with a new name and a kick-ass new site.Here at Kchat Jjigae, we talk about really anything that passes through my silly little head. Regular posts include Reviews, Casting Info, Musical Monday, Throwback (Musical) Thursday, General Observations, squealing and general fangirling, and of course, Khottie of the Week. Once a week we have our Podcast, cleverly named The Kchat Jjigae Podcast. A while back we started the LGBT Asian drama and movie pages as, though Stephanie liked to watch them, they were hard to find and we realized these dramas needed a little love too!


About Me (Stephanie): I wish I’d thought of some cool pseudonym before I’d started this, but I didn’t, and it’s a little late now, so here I am, Stephanie. Blogger, Writer, Fangirl, Procrastinator Extraordinaire.

My Kdrama adventure started October 2011, so sayith Netflix. Before, Hulu had recommended, “If you like this you might enjoy, Pasta,” and I was all—”Why would I want to watch Korean Television?” Fast forward a few months to one particularly heinous day at work, when I decided I needed something light and airy to take my mind away. Netflix recommended Playful Kiss, and within the first few episodes, I was hooked. So hooked that I panicked when the weekend was approaching and realized I couldn’t keep watching at home (I was internet-free after a move). What was I going to do? I needed to find out what happened! So I paid to have one of those very expensive sets overnighted to me from Amazon. A week later, the internet was installed in my house, and a Kdrama addiction was born!

From there it was only a short jump to fall into the Kpop rabbit hole. BigBang! BTS! Seventeen! NCT! Super Junior! MonstaX! Changmo! Pentagon! The list literally goes on and on.


About Our Contributors:

Cherry Cordial: I love all sorts of stories, whether they’re in a TV show, movie, or book — or sci-fi, romance, or action, for that matter. They’re all good. I tend to gravitate toward romance and found families or communities, but I’ll watch or read just about anything, if the writer can convince me it’s worth caring about.

My interests branch out to include Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Thai entertainment (dramas, movies, music — I like them all, bring it on!). My fandoms include Queen In Hyun’s Man, Misaeng, Heirs (fanfic only), White Christmas, Rich Man Poor Woman, Shan Shan Comes to Eat, BTS, and BigBang (among many, many others). Follow me on my Tumblr.

Jess: I’m Jess, aka JMertz. I’m a proud nerd, foodie, bookworm and cat mom. My hidden talents include being able to quote movies after one viewing and sarcasm. I’m fairly new to dramaland, finding my way here in March 2015. I cannot take all the credit for the addiction since I would not even know dramas existed if it weren’t for my friend who kept talking about a show she was watching called Heirs and insisted that I give it a try. Heirs led to Boys Over Flowers which led to Playful Kiss thanks to Netflix and my ignorance to the fact that there were entire sites dedicated to streaming dramas. Once I found out about those, the drama damn burst wide open. Now I sit with nearly a year of titles, actors, catchy OSTs, tropes, wrist grabs and back hugs under my belt. I love dramas because the give me all the wonderful feelings of a really good book. There are fictional characters that I fall in love with to an nearly unhealthy level. Dramas have moments that make me cry and also ones that make me laugh out loud. I find myself thinking “just one more episode” at midnight when I have to work the next morning…and also knowing that it will end up being three more before I actually go to bed. Dramas also brought me here and helped me to create new friends within the fandom. What isn’t to love?

Molly in Kdramaland: Cherry Cordial introduced me to Kdramas in 2014. I trusted her ’cause she’d been recommending really good books to me for a long time; that girl knows her way around a good story. As soon as I watched my first drama, Queen In Hyun’s Man, I was done for. Where had this been all my life?? And through Kdrama soundtracks, I got into Kpop. By the time I met Stephanie — 6 months into my new favorite addiction — I’d become a full-fledged fangirl of the obsessive-compulsive type. I watch dramas and listen to Kpop daily — and occasionally I share my thoughts and opinions on this lovely blog. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts — or at least don’t hold what I say against Stephanie! 🙂

Two Bengals: I live in a rural outpost in the NE corner of California, and apparently have too much spare time. My duvet cover of TOP dressed mostly in a set of wings seems to have gained some notoriety, as well as reluctant acceptance from a very tolerant husband.

Kpop on the Downlow: Kpop on the Downlow discovered Kdramas and Kpop the summer of 2015.  Something about the music, dancing, and pretty people set all her neurons firing.  Drama’s cultural differences, quirky plots, and ridiculousness lured her over the edge and she’s been falling (happily) ever since.  She likes: sleepy eyes, big brains, naughty boys, and happy endings.  Rappers are her weakness. Her bias groups are too many to list, but prefers the sexy-tough side of dance music, and the softer side of hip-hop.  Resident Kchat NuGu stan.  She is currently obsessed with NCT, cannot resist Seventeen’s choreography, and has a passion for groups like BAP that do a wide range of concepts.  Follow me on Tumblr (it’ll make me update more!)

SaraG: SaraG should have come up with a much better moniker when she put up her first comment on this blog…she will now forever be SaraG and that is a little too true to life. She has been partaking in the #KLife since the early days of 2013 and finally made her first trip to the motherland (not hers) in 2016. She has transitioned through many true loves during her time in the fandom and is currently obsessed with Korean hip hop and R&B (What up, Changmo and Dean, call me), ears that stick out, bad hair, and everything about Lee Jung Shin. Though her love does not discriminate against anyone who isn’t or doesn’t have those things. Music (listening) and food (eating) are her passions and she will give anything a shot at least once. She is pretty sure that she has ruined her daughters’ chances at ever being cool in the American educational system by making sure that they know all of the words to Okey Dokey by Mino & Zico but have never actually heard a Taylor Swift song. Oops. Follow me on Instagram at @thereal_sarag.  or snag a playlist or two on iTunes at @theReal_SaraG

Alix: Alix got sucked into this whole mess because she can’t deny SaraG anything and when she falls for something or someone, she falls hard. She has a penchant for buying schwag and albums galore and can often be found waiting for the next package to be delivered from Korea. As the master of finding stuff on social media, she’s known for snagging the best pictures of our favorite idols and actors and finding all of the up-to-date news and gossip while discovering just how much she loves everything months after someone tried to convince her it was the next best thing. Ikon, Hyungwon, and the A Lead of the moment are her biases, but TOP is her true love no matter how much she tries to move on. It’s not gonna happen. You can find her listening to the podcast while traipsing around the hood with Lucy or curled up with the next best drama.


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    Hi chingu! I’ve nominated you for the sisterhood of the award ^^ https://crushonleedahae.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/the-sisterhood-of-the-world-blogger-award/

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    Hi Stephanie, I have nominated you for a Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award! http://wp.me/p3xBcq-1ps Congrats!

  • Reply missienelly April 24, 2015 at 3:41 pm

    Congratulations on your new and improved website! I love it! I guess you will not be bringing KHottie segment back, eh?

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    Hi there! I’ve nominated you for an award as well, but it’s not another Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award, it’s a Liebster Award! Don’t feel any pressure to take part if you don’t want to, I just wanted to share that I really enjoy your blog! Find more information in the link 🙂


  • Reply Bosuji September 13, 2020 at 9:18 am


    I found you referenced on http://www.Fangirlverdict.com

    I was looking to read if she had reviewed Smile Dong Hae. She hasn’t .. but googling took me a piece where she brings it up .. and references your “Second Hand Crack” article.

    The link there is dead.
    I guess it’s because as you say above your website was hacked and went missing till you created a new one .. and the link on her page is to the old site.

    I’ll leave a feedback for her with this new link of “Second Hand Crack”

    I’ll comment on my Smile Dong Hae rewatch on your SHC piece, a show I binge-watched – 4 days and 80 hours invested (well deduct several hours, maybe, saved from FFWD as well as Dramacool not having several truncated episodes (12 minutes / 14 minutes).

    Glad to have found one more interesting, thoughtful blog on Kdrama .. which I’ll start visiting often ;-p

    BTW I am new to this world, thrust into the whirlpool of drama magic .. never-ending supply of crack that keeps me sane, upbeat, pumped up, getting me through the dystopia existence of Covid life and reality.

    I am 3 months into it ..


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