Taiwanese LGBT Movies/Dramas

(updated 7/20/21)

Bao Bao

As same-sex couples, Cindy, Joanne, Charles, and Tim collaborate together to help each other to own a baby. Cindy is supposed to have two babies, but she loses one. Cindy is married to Joanne, but she doesn’t trust her anymore. Cindy is having a baby, but she doesn’t know where to go, whom to believe, nor whether it’s her baby or not. Eventually, she is on her way from London returning to her hometown, Taiwan. Her best childhood friend, Tai, takes care of her with his whole heart and even promises to raise the baby with her. Confused about what a family should be like, Cindy finally plucks up her courage to face Joanne as well as Charles’s and Tim’s family. Even though it’s not generally acceptable in many places in Taiwan to be same-sex parents, Cindy still believes that day will come.


Because of You 2020 (2020)
Growing up in a large, wealthy family, the three Yuan brothers never wanted for anything. Despite the three of them being only half brothers, the trio was incredibly close, their familial bonds undeniably strong. Whatever the brothers faced, they always faced together. But as they grew older, they began to realize that some things they just couldn’t share, especially when it came to matters of the heart.
Now older, Yuan Jun Cheng, Yuan Jun Dao, and Yuan Jun Ping have all felt the overwhelming tide of emotions that comes with love. But the journey has been anything but easy. Fighting against the sweeping tide of feelings that have continually beat against them, telling them things like “no”, “impossible”, and “cannot”, the three brothers must find a way to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges, as they pursue that which the heart wants most of all: to be loved.

Series/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

Stephanie’s Note: So we’re just supposed to pretend we don’t notice the one brother is speaking an entirely different language all the time? If he understands and can speak Mandarin and apparently they can all understand and speak Korean, JUST CHOOSE ONE. The couples are super cute though.

Stephanie’s Edited Note: Turns out I was wrong, multilingual families do this. I’m actually watching Fillipino shows and I’m really enjoying the swap of languages.

Be Loved In House – I Do (12 Eps)

The story begins with the ‘Seisei Studio’, which was founded about 10 years ago. It was in danger of becoming bankrupt. Fortunately, Jin Yu Zhen, a person who excels in management appears, and that person becomes the new director. However, the atmosphere of the studio changed completely on the first day he came as a director. He gave only one “Single rule”, which is to prohibit the marriage and romance between the employees, and those who violate the rule will be dismissed… The employees of ‘Seisei Studio’collude with a secret plan to abolish the “Single rule”. The tsundere employee, Shei Lei approached the director and tries to get the evidence of the love of this domineering director, but as a result of various encounters, He found out that the tryant director is hurt by loneliness and past love. Knowing that he still has a heart, Shei Lei curiosity about Yu Zhen was aroused…..

Series/Gay/Main Storyline


Blue Gate Crossing

Blue Gate Crossing (2002)

The film stars Lun-Mei Guey as Kerou, a sullen teenager who tries to act as a go-between when her shy friend Yuezhen (Shu-Hui Liang) falls in love with Zhang (Bo-Lin Chen). Kerou approaches Zhang on her friend’s behalf, but the boy likes Kerou instead and doesn’t want to hear about Yuezhen. As Zhang is the popular kid at school — a swimmer with an easy way about him — Kerou thinks she should be happy, but she’s not. She is beginning to realize she has lesbian feelings for her friend Yuezhen

Movie/Lesbian/Main Storyline

Beautiful CrazyBeautiful Crazy (2008)

What is youth all about? Before they could figure out what was happening, Xiao Bu finds herself in a cat fight with Angel over a cigarette, Ah Mi sleeps with Xiao Bu’s boxer boyfriend, and Angel kisses Xiao Bu.

Movie/Lesbian/Main Storyline

candy rainCandy Rain (2008)

Based on true stories, “Candy Rain” tells four intimate, lyrical stories of women in love with women in contemporary Taipei.

Having broken up with her boyfriend and quarreled with her family, Jessie decided to restart her life in Taipei. Her highschool friend and secret admirer-Pon, told her, “I’ll take care of you.”
U is an Aries. She protects herself well. She has been looking for the ideal love but she doesn’t know where it is.
Spancer is in love with Summer, who is getting married. Before saying goodbye, they promise a reunion in 10 years’ time.
Ricky’s relationships are always filled with violence. Like fireworks, magnificent but short. For Ricky, It’s a vicious cycle.

Movie/Lesbian/Main Storyline

Craving You (2020)

The love between a pastry chef & an internet celebrity singer with a side couple. The story tells how they meet each other again as adults after their first love didn’t work out in school time.

Series/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy ending

Stephanie’s Note: I think this is either a short series or a movie cut up into chunks. The show is cute however some of the plot is a leap. The second couple I think actually have a more compelling, well-shown storyline.

crystal boysCrystal Boys (2003)

Taipei in the 1970’s was a very intolerant place for homosexuals. This story is about a young man named A Qing whose family cut him off because of his sexual orientation.

Drama/Gay/Main Storyline

Dear Ex (2018)

When the husband dies, wife and son discover that he made his life insurance policy out to his male lover. The woman reacts with anger and the son with confusion. Gradually, they begin to close in on the man, discovering the life the woman’s husband had hidden from them.


Drifting FlowersDrifting Flowers (2008)

Three women in three different periods navigate the waters of sexual identity in Zero Chou’s sensitive portrait of the search for self and love. Three loosely connected episodes illuminate the flux of life: Young Meigo struggles to understand her feelings of jealousy when her older sister begins a romantic relationship; Alzehimer’s sufferer Lily lives her life between moments of lucidity and remembrances of her dead lover with the help of an old friend, and teenager Chalkie tries to reconcile her awakening sexuality with her body.

Movie/Lesbian/Main Storyline

Eternal SummerEternal Summer (2006)

Three high school students experience the perks and pitfalls of love in director Leste Chen’s sensitive tale of friendship and yearning. As a child living in a seaside town in southern Taiwan, studious Jonathan (Bryant Chang) was asked by his concerned teacher to look after rebellious classmate Shane (Joseph Chang). 10 years later, what was once a good-natured obligation has since blossomed into a warm friendship, with Jonathan still on the academic track and Shane finding his calling on the basketball court.
When Taiwan-born schoolgirl Carrie (Kate Yeung) transfers to their school from Hong Kong and convinces Jonathan to join her on a secret day-trip to Taipei, her botched effort to seduce him in a sleazy love hotel, combined with her observations of he and Shane’s friendship, soon leads her to believe that the object of her affections is homosexual and in love with his best friend. Despite her initial misgivings about the boorish Shane, Carrie soon begins to give in to the troublemaker’s roguish charms. She accepts his offer to become his girlfriend on the condition that he manages to enter university. Later, as Shane pulls his act together and Jonathan begins to experience a sexual identity crisis, the former does his best to keep his feelings for Carrie secret in order to protect the feelings of his lifelong friend. Despite Jonathan’s, Shane’s, and Carrie’s best efforts to keep their personal feelings secret, the truth eventually emerges, forcing all three to view their relationships in an entirely new light.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline

Formula 17Formula 17 (2004)

Cradling his lucky condom, Tien (Tony Yang) moves to Taipei to meet an Internet hottie. But as soon as said hottie drops the “I have some hot DVDs at home” bomb, Tien flees to a nightclub, unwilling to part with his virginity outside the context of a passionate love affair. At the club, he glimpses Bai (Duncan), a/k/a “Playboy No. 1.” Bai’s got a pitch-black heart, though, either from reading girlie mags or an unprecedented series of one-night stands.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

Stephanie Note: Low quality, bad acting, not a great storyline, but it’s cute and over the top. It’s not terrible and yet it is, if that makes sense. If you’re just looking for a bit of fluff, check it out.

Flyleaf of Summer (2017)

Two boys fall in love during Summer.

Movie (Short-short-short-short movie)/Gay/Main storyline 


Girlfriend BoyfriendGirlfriend Boyfriend (2012)

In the 1980s, high school students Aaron, Mabel and Liam are best friends and also caught in a love triangle. As the three friends go through the turbulent times, when social revolution takes hold over martial law, their relationships go through many ups and downs.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline

Gloomy Salad Days (2010)

This drama involves 12 different stories which happened to teenagers, taken from real life social cases. Shen Qi is a student who has a brain tumor, giving him the ability to see Death Girl when no one else can. As he witnesses her task of ferrying different people to the afterlife, he gradually falls in love with her and begins to understand the transition between life and death.

Per reader: Deals with teen issues and three of the stories involve gay/lesbian/trans relationships. The only one of the three with a happy end is the gay relationship.

Series/Gay/Lesbian/Trans/Storylines within omnibus drama

go goGo! Go! G-Boys (2006)

A-Shin and A-Hong are close buddies, but gradually A-Shin started to have feelings for A-Hong. A-Hong decided to join a gay beauty contest in order to gain 10 million in prize money to pay his girlfriend’s credit card debt. At the same time, an anti-gay cop, Jay, was assigned to pretend to be gay and join the contest to investigate a possible crime by gay-resented group.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

Stephanie Note: This is pretty terrible. But if you want an over the top time, kind of camp, then there is nothing horribly offensive here.

Handsome Stewardess (2019)

Three girls from Singapore came to a bar along the beach in Taiwan. They’ve just finished the contest held in Taiwan, and today would be their last night heading back to Singapore. Holly, the tomboy bartender, made a mix drink called ‘Love in the Cloud’ and gifted it to Meng Lian, the Singapore national karate player. All of the sudden, two customers had a fight in the bar. Meng Lian successfully stopped the fight before it get worse, and Holly had a love at first sight. They fell in love eventually.

To save cost for flights meanwhile meeting each other more frequently, Holly decided to become a Singapore stewardess. Holly was indeed smart, good in languages, high in IQ, and also having a perfect height for being one. However, she resisted herself from putting on make-up, pencil skirt and high heels for the interview. Luckily, their steward friend, Jerry from Hong Kong, was willing to participate in her transformation.

Series/Lesbian/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Note: Watched the first couple of episodes on this, not bad, not sure if I care enough to go back to it though.

Happy Together (2015)

This is a story of 6 people living under the same roof. It involves friendship, love and kinship. It also brings the wonderful and crazy moments of their daily lives.

Series/Gay/Side Story

HIStory (2017)


Another part of the HIStory webseries follows the life of Shao Yi Chen, a man who is reborn and sent back 9 years ago to change his past and future. Will he resist the love of a handsome man Jiang Jing Teng and save his future self, or will he fall for the same men twice and risk his life?

Stay Away From Me

When their parents get married and leave for a long honeymoon, superstar Cheng Qing moves in with his new stepbrother Feng He. With Meng Meng, his fujoshi best friend, around, dreaming of the perfect BL fanfic, will Feng He be able to stay away from his brother?

My Hero not sure why this is the only one without a synopsis, but let me give it a go. Girl is mistakenly taken by a reaper before her time, is allowed to go back to Earth, inhabit a body, and has 7 Days to have her beloved boyfriend kiss her on her new form for the switch to stay permanent. The only trick is she was transported into the body of a boy!

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending(s)

Stephanie’s Note: surprisingly my favorite of the trio is My Hero, the story I liked the least at the beginning. The guy in Obsessed is a little rapey first my tastes and Stay Away From Me actually reminded me a little bit of Heroin.

Stephanie’s Followup Note: Guys. Over a year later I finally realize I had this listed in the wrong country. This show is Taiwanese, not Thai! Whoops!

HIStory2: Right or Wrong (2018)

The story is about a cynical father and a college student who get together after some odd circumstances arise. Shi Yi Jie, a divorced, single man, is an associate professor of The Department of Anthropology. He has an 8-year-old daughter named Yo Yo. He single-handedly raises his daughter. After encountering Fei Sheng Zhe by accident, the three of them become a family.

Gay/Drama/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Notes: Gah, while there are some issues, I really love this drama. Such a leap in quality and story. I may or  may not have seen it a few times now.

HIStory2: Boundary Crossing (2018)

This story is about school, youth, passion, sports and romance.

Wang Zhen Wu is Wang Zhen Wen’s older stepbrother, Zhen Wen likes him, but Zhen Wu can’t show his feelings to his younger brother because of them being stepbrothers.

Qiu Zi Xuan was an excellent volleyball player in the past, but he had to give up on on his dreams due to his injuries, but he still participates in the volleyball-related training, arranges and helps them to get into training, watching them improve.
During the training, he meets a guy, Xia Yu Hao, a guy with a really bad temper who gets easily infuriated with people that make him angry, but he strives to acquire what he persistently wants to achieve.
Zi Xuan thinks he’s the one who can reach his dream instead of him. He hopes that Yu Hao can achieve what he couldn’t in the past.

Gay/Drama/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Notes: I love the HIStory series! This drama went places I didn’t expect it to and I could spend hours watching the expression on Zhen Wu’s face when he looks at Zi Xuan.

HIStory3: Trapped – Taiwan – 2019 (Currently Airing) Drama

The cooperation between police and the people create a harmonious new society. Police who are filled with justice are turned into the personal protection for gangsters. But one police officer becomes trapped in the underworld, as he develops feelings for a gang leader.

A police officer and a gang leader were killed in a gunshot attack. What’s the secret behind this case? The only survivor, Tang Yi, is now the gang leader. He’s striving to find the murderer by setting a trap. But the police officer, Meng Shao Fei, gradually falls into the “love trap” set by Tang Yi.

Series/Gay/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Note: Ooooh, 20 episodes? Wowzers! They’ve turned this thing into a full-on drama! I’ve seen some clips from it and it looks great.

Stephanie’s Next Note: WATCH THIS SHOW. SRSLY IT IS SO GOOD. Yes, I’m shouting at you. This is worth shouting.

HIStory3: Make Our Days Count (2019)
At first glance, high schoolers Xiang Hao Ting and Yu Xi Gu appear to be polar opposites: While Xiang Hao Ting is an outgoing, hot-headed extravert and some-time bully, Yu Xi Gu prefers to keep a low profile and focus on his schoolwork. They seem bound for totally different futures – the bookish Yu Xi Gu looks destined for academic success, while life is just a long popularity contest for Xiang Hao Ting. But a quirk of fate – and a crucial intervention by a female schoolmate – results in the two young men’s paths crossing. But there is more to both young men than first meets the eye. Xiang Hao Ting was not always this way. He started out as a perfect student until he discovered the joys of going off the rails. And Yu Xi Gu has a reason for being so aloof and studious: His parents died in a traffic accident while he was younger, and he is being fostered by his aunt. As such, he works hard to get good grades in an effort to win a scholarship and ease the financial burden on his relatives. Yu Xi Gu also works part-time at a convenience store, where his manager Liu Zhi Gang has developed a crush on a man he has met at the gym. Back at school, meanwhile, Yu Xi Gu and Xiang Hao Ting find themselves drawn together, and passions ignite. The former notices that he has the unique ability to bring Yu Xi Gu out of his shell – and becomes intent on melting his cold-as-ice exterior. What will happen when their two worlds collide? And can love be the catalyst that helps bring these two unlikely students together – as their high school days draw to a close?

Series/Gay/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Note: This series really NEVER disappoints. Currently watching and it’s amazing. Watch it.

Updated note: Hate to say it, but after I saw where the series was going, I did not watch the last episode. Sorry, I just couldn’t do it. Will this kill the History series? I hope not!

HIStory4: Close to You (2021)

Managing the sales division of one of the most sought-after wedding planning companies in the country, Xiao Li Chen is a no-nonsense man who knows how to get a job done and get it done right. Straightforward and bold, Li Chen can close a deal without even blinking an eye. But when it comes to love, Li Chen is the first to admit that he could use a little help. Having harbored a crush on Liu Mei Fang since childhood, Li Chen decides that the only way to attract the attention of his life-long love is to recruit the help of his co-worker, Teng Mu Ren. Knowing Mei Fang is a bit of a fujoshi, Li Chen asks Mu Ren to be his “date”, hoping the attention of the handsome Mu Ren will spark Mei Fang’s interest in him. But what starts as an innocent act between friends soon begins to morph into something more.

Meanwhile, the company’s creative director, Ye Xing Si finds himself caught in an equally unexpected relationship with his two-faced step-brother, Fu Yong Jie, a medical student with an inexplicable obsession with Xing Si. As opposite from each other as night and day, the two brothers can’t seem to escape the tangled web they have inadvertently woven around each other.

As the four men struggle to understand their feelings, they begin to realize that when it comes to matters of the heart, anything is possible. But will they allow themselves to follow where their hearts lead?

Series/Gay/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Note: CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS TO START!!! Watched the long teaser this weekend and it looks great.

***Updated; Uhhhh started watching it. Loooving the cute storyline, having ISSUES with the second. However, I love Anson Chen so much had to make him a TWHottie of the Week. Take a look here. I had so much fun, I thought I’d continue on with his partner in BL crime, Charles TU!

**** Second Update – Finished. Continued to love and swoon over the first couple. They are DARLING. Continued to dislike the second couple. Should you watch? Yes. Just be aware.

Life Of Silence (2014)

“Life of Silence’ is a somewhat harrowing film that tells the story of three gay men who are entangled in doomed romances. Tensions between society’s expectations and true happiness are explored in this compelling short film. Silence usually comes with a backdrop, waiting to be stirred. A novel and a reality. Three gay guys and two marriages. When love and marriage can’t go hand in hand, how can marital bliss be realized?

Movie – Gay – Main Storyline

Innocent (2020)

“I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I can be in front of you.”

Because of an accident when he was fives old, Yu Shi had a second personality named Noah. Noah is a silent person without any emotions and desires. He protected Yu Shi’s as he grew until he met Wu Zheng. Yu Shi wanted to be with Wu Zheng, but Noah always didn’t trust Wu Zheng. Although Wu Zheng also has good feelings for Yu Shi, while Shaojie, the woman who has been set up with Wu Zheng continues to disturb Yu Shi. Yu Shi had a tragic childhood, but Wu Zheng made Yu Shi able to survive in this turbulent world. As a straight man with traditional male chauvinism, how can Wu Zheng break through the constraints of the world and face himself bravely?

Series/Gay/Main Storyline

Love is Science? (2021)

Yan Fei is the CEO of the Love Science Marriage Agency. She uses Big Data to help countless singles find a well-suited life partner. Fei reunites with a friend whom she has always seen like a brother, while he’s been pining after her for years.
His timing could not be the worse, as Fei’s handsome ex-husband arrives unannounced, seeking reconciliation. Is China big enough for the two of them?
According to Big Data’s analysis, just who might be the right guy for Fei?
Will she bravely choose her brotherly friend next door, who makes her feel beloved, or will she opt for her ex-husband, who is quite temperamental?

May the most romantic and healing relationship be the beginning of love’s redemption.

Series/Gay/Side Story

Love to Our Youth: He Falls in Love with Him (2016)

Zhang Xin Yu and Xiao En are boyfriend and girlfriend. However, their friend Pin Jia (a lesbian) likes Xiao En. At the same time, Wei Jia (a gay) also likes Zhang Xin Yu.

Drama/Gay/Lesbian/Main Storyline

Miao MiaoMiao Miao (2008)

18 year-old Ai lives the life of a mischievous teenager. She ignores her studies, putting all her passion into baking cakes that always come out burnt, lopsided, or hard as a rock. Ai cannot imagine a greater happiness than one day making the perfect pastry, until someone new walks into her life and Ai discovers some things in life are sweeter than cake.

Movie/Lesbian/Main Character

Stephanie Note: Not so much a main plotline, and it’s not a side character, it’s more of a story about 2 girls and one of them is thinking she’s jealous of her friends crush and she’s not sure why.

Red Balloon (2017)

Chen is a serious top student in school, both in studies and sports…..he thought everything will be smooth-going….until he meet Wan, a carefree student. He disliked him at first, but later he developed feelings for him. When Chen’s dad, who was a gang leader, found out, the boys faced opposition from their family too, on top of that coming from friends, classmates and their own self doubts. Will they love bravely?

Series/Gay/Main Storyline

pair-of-lovePair of Love 2009

Li Jeng-je and Hue Wei Luen are best friends. Before they realize, they fall in love with each other and change their relationship from best friends to lovers. But Je is a basketball player who is afraid that his sexual orientation might be found by his homophobic friend, so he decides to break up with Lun. He tried to have a straight relationship with Ying, who is actually a lesbian. But eventually, he realizes that it doesn’t feel right…

Movie/Gay/Lesbian/Main Storyline/Happy Ending for one couple let me know in the comments if you want to know which. Actually, looking at the synopsis you can probably tell which one ends happily. 

Stephanie Note: Seen it, was sad when the one turned from the other, angst ensued but I like to think everything ended up well.

Papa and Daddy (2021)

Damian who runs a restaurant in Taipei and has always had a dream of “getting a family and raising children”. After two years of stable relationship with his boyfriend Jie Li, the two embarked on a surrogacy journey together and successfully gave birth to his son Kai Kai. Until the son entered the kindergarten and began to face the curiosity and differences of his peers and the gossip of the parents, the two fathers had to think about how to explain to the young Kaikai what “mother” was.

Series/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

Stephanie’s Note: Will We Watch? Awww this looks cute and sad and cute!

Stephanie’s Final Note: DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW. Srsly. I’m STILL angry about it weeks later. The show itself, a Gagaoolala exclusive, is cute enough, but the last episode, the very ending went and ruined it. Now people will say, “They were planning a season 2!” I don’t even CARE. There is no way they can get out of what happened, the secret Damian had been keeping from Jerry and have it be the same show.

The Road Home (2015)

Sixteen-year-old Xiao Feng refuses to go to school, lock herself in her room all day, and don’t talk to her father, Ming. One day, she suddenly disappears. Ah Min looks anxiously for her until he received a phone call from the police: Xiao Feng was seen in Taipei.
Turns out that Xiao Feng went there to meet a friend from the internet, but the day of the appointment, the person appearing is not the one she was waiting for. Things occurred and Xiao Feng and Ming have to find out who is that friend and where is his family. In their quest, the father and daughter grow closer and try to understand each other, facing their problems and Ming’s secret together.

Gay/Movie/Side plot

the roseThe Rose (2003)

A stone with an ugly outward appearance and not catching to the eye,
Would people be able to see a glittering gem that is wrapped around inside?
Being looked down by people for a long time, cold and indifferent treatments,
It will gradually turn rusty and lose its brilliance;
Or maybe after experiencing all these hardships,
It’s luster and beauty will be highlighted even more?

Drama/Gay/Side Character

Shiba San and Meow Chan (2018)

Shiba San and Meow Chan, a hit children’s show in which the two brothers act a dog and a cat respectively, has been sweeping through kids and thus bringing fame to the two. Though radiant on stage, they both have something on their minds. Shiba San has been secretly in love with a married man while Meow Chan misses his remarried mother and gets confused when she left him. The journey, later on, will lead the two strays to confront their emptiness inside.

Short Movie/Gay

Stephanie’s Note: I def did not read the full synopsis on this before I started watching it! The story skips around the timeline, giving equal billing to each character’s story. While it has a hopeful ending with their relationship, the whole thing makes me sad.

Spider LiliesSpider Lilies (Tattoo) (2007)

When Jade, a web-cam girl visits Takeko’s tattoo studio, she becomes entranced with the image of the spider lily and with Takeko as well. In order to get closer to the object of her desire, Jade asks Takeko to give her the same lily tattoo, challenging Takeko’s monastic existence and opening up memories that threaten to tear the two women apart.

Movie/Lesbian/Main Storyline

The Substitute  (2017)

Judo expert Han Lu is still figuring out her personal identity. Her mother raised her as a boy, treating her as a substitute for her dead brother. As a result, Han Lu is unsure about who she is supposed to be. She finds herself drawn to Ni Ke, a bratty and vain internet celebrity. When the two meet at a judo competition, their physical contest quickly heats up into something more. Ni Ke is then cast in an action movie, and Han Lu becomes her stunt double. As they work together, the young women develop feelings for each other they never thought possible, and aren’t quite sure how to label their relationship. As they struggle with trying to figure out who they are, Han Lu and Ni Ke realize there is no substitute for love.


Tale of the Lost Boys (2017)

“Tale of the Lost Boys” is the story of the friendship between two men — Alex, a Filipino mechanic, and Jerry, a Taiwanese aborigine student. The two meet randomly when Alex flees to Taipei from Manila, after leaving his girlfriend pregnant. A casual conversation develops into a surprising personal connection between them. Both realize that they yearn a more intimate connection with their mothers since Alex’s abandoned him for a new family while Jerry is afraid that his traditional parents will reject him for being gay.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline

The Tenants Downstairs (2016)

The story is about a man inheriting an old apartment and decided to rent it to tenants who had different kinds of strange inner sides. By setting up the pinhole cameras in the apartment, he enjoyed the pleasure of peeping people and discovered their secrets. However, the story of those tenants and the landlord were becoming crazier and complicated.


Stephanie’s Take: Haven’t seen it but from the teasers or clips I’ve seen, it’s either horror or thinly covered porn. Not saying either is bad, just letting you know 😉

We Are Gamily (2017)

Wu Gang and Yang Duo get fake married so that he can live with his boyfriend Sam and she can be with her girlfriend without their families getting suspicious, but after the marriage Wu Gang’s mother starts showing up at her son’s apartment more and more.

Series/Gay/Lesbian/Main Storyline

We Best Love: No. 1 For You (2021)

It is not a simple thing to like someone, because… many times, we dare not say anything! “If first place is the only way to make you see me, then I will never lose to you before you fall in love with me.”

Zhou Shu Yi stared at the class report card in his hand and saw Gao Shi De’s name above him again. He didn’t understand. He had always ranked first since the fifth grade but now he is no longer on top. For this reason, he was excited to go to college and parted ways. He hoped to never see Gao Shi De again.

He was happily enjoying college life and joined his beloved swimming club again. He was revered by everyone until Gao Shi De suddenly appeared in his life before graduation. This made him wonder why Gao Shi De always followed him wherever he went. But little did he know that Gao Shi De had eyes for him and would never let him go

Series/Gay/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Take: This was a great show! I’m so glad that it ended where it did and didn’t end on some horrible cliff-hanger. Sure, they aren’t together for right now, but they’ll be together later. This, of course, is being said with the knowledge that during the time between season one and season two we find out something did happen, ripping them apart. I’m just glad they left us in our happy bubble. These two (for now) are too cute.

We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd (2021)

The sequel to “No. 1 For You” takes place five years after Zhou Shu Yi and Gao Shi De graduated college. Their story will unfold as they juggle work responsibilities and personal life at the same time.

Series/Gay/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Note: LOVED LOVED LOVED. Watched it in one sitting. Its angsty but the right kind of angst. Made me swoon all over the place.

will you still love meWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow (2013)

Richie Ren stars as Weichung, a 30-something optician. Weichung has been married for nine years to Fen, played by the lovely Mavis Fan. They have an adorable six-year-old son. However, Weichung lived the gay lifestyle before he was married, and a chance encounter with a handsome airline steward draws him back into the gay community.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

Stephanie Note: This is a cute and heartfelt movie. It’s not overly romantic, it’s more about being who you are meant to be and how that’s affected by those choices you make.

Yes I Do (2013)

Kim is a new lawyer who gets a difficult case of helping a lesbian couple to adopt a child without any support. He knows that this going to be a long and tough process, but he is still willing to take it. Kim meets Allen who is just like a brother of his clients Queen and Mang. He also gets acquainted with Shi-Li, who comes from a family that has two lesbian mothers. Kim realizes that there are many heart-breaking stories behind the smiles of gay and lesbian people and gets involved with many people’s life unexpectedly.

Movie/Gay/Lesbian/Main Storyline/Happy Ending

Stephanie’s Note: This movie has a lot of heart and seems more realistic than others, people dealing with prejudice and the struggle to be gay, accepted, to have the same rights as others. Also, this can’t be the real name of the movie because I can’t find any information on it other than on GagaOOLala.

The Younger (2014)

When his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer, Chen Hao Zhi found himself unable to pay for her medication. So he began to engage in gay massage to make money. What started as work made him discover that he has an instinctive desire for the male body, so he begins to engage in relationships, bringing chaos and complications into his life…

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Take: While I don’t know for sure, I’m going to guess it’s not going to end happily or well.

Your Name Engraved Herein (2020)

In 1988 when Martial Law Era ended, two Christian high school students, A Han and Birdy, met at the school band led by Canadian Priest Ou. One day, they were granted a day off to Taipei for the late President’s funeral. The two took a chance to explore the city and theaters, finding themselves inspired by brotherly love and freedom. Days after, A Han’s affection for Birdy has been awakened, but much-confused Birdy pushed him away by pretending falling in love with a girl. The misunderstanding separated them ever since until two decades later, the two men met again in a foreign city.

Gay/Movie/Main Storyline

Stephanie’s Note: This is on Netflix! I haven’t watched yet, but it’s on the list!

Your Voice, My Heart (2018)

Su Ye Xin left his parents to live on his own because they were furious and unsupportive after he told them he was gay. He is a huge fan of famous dubbing artist Sheng Sheng and has a crush on him. Since he fears that Sheng Sheng has prejudices towards homosexuals he is using a female profile and known among the fans for strongly supporting his crush. Coincidently, he had the chance to do private coaching for Sheng Sheng in real-life, whose real name is Xie Xiao Sheng. Apart from his excitement to be able to get to know his crush in person, Su Ye Xin also realizes something bizarre about Xie Xiao Sheng. Xie Xiao Sheng’s occasional emotional outbreaks and his hate towards his cousin Gu Fan and his lover Shen Hai all point towards an incident that happened in his childhood…

Series/Gay/Main storyline

Stephanie’s Take: GAH! If you find this somewhere, you better let me know or else I will be very, very disappointed in you…you don’t want that now do you?


  • Reply Talie W. May 7, 2018 at 9:48 am

    So I was watching “We are Gamily” and got stuck on episode 2. I can’t find anything past that subtitled. Please help me I’m so desperate I tried to watch without, but was way too confused.

  • Reply Marsh May 7, 2018 at 5:05 pm

    Dark Blue and the Moonlight is a Taiwanese drama that I watched subbed on youtube (with effort, it took a while) and it’s very good but the first kiss is very sudden (legit like 11 minutes in or something into ep1) and also the ending is kinda happy but it’s really bad because they sorta get together eVENtually but then he has to move away for a couple years or something idk it’s vague and bad. BUt the overall drama is alright. I think there were about 10 episodes or something idk you might have to look unto it.

  • Reply Patricia Sapp June 15, 2018 at 8:02 pm

    There are so many more Tai dramas on youtube….Sotus and Sotus S would be the best place to start…I live on youtube these days lol.

    • Reply DBChen June 16, 2018 at 8:43 am

      Hi Patricia,
      SOTUS and SOTUS 2 are Thai dramas from Thailand, not Taiwanese dramas from Taiwan

    • Reply NEWMODELNO15 November 4, 2020 at 9:58 pm

      There’s 2 new korean bl series called “Mr Heart” and “Where Your Eyes Linger” both on the Rakuten Viki app~

      • Reply Stephanie November 5, 2020 at 10:23 am

        Yep, they’re listed on the Korean page. While I didn’t super love Where Your Eyes Linger, Mr. Heart was the super cutest! I finished watching and instantly wanted to watch again!

  • Reply Lauren July 3, 2018 at 7:13 pm

    Your voice my heart, hasn’t been released yet. It airs on December 31 2018

    • Reply Alex April 22, 2019 at 10:21 pm

      It has been postponed again. My guess is that it can’t be made in China with the new censorship restrictions. Hopefully they will consider making it abroad.

    • Reply Rhenz October 6, 2020 at 7:26 pm

      Where can i watch it?
      Any links please …

  • Reply Alex April 22, 2019 at 10:22 pm

    I really want to watch Happy Together and Love To Our Youth, but I can’t find them with subtitles. Help?

  • Reply eve May 2, 2019 at 12:38 am

    You can add The Substitute (2017) is a Taiwanese lesbian movie!

    • Reply Stephanie May 5, 2019 at 5:04 pm

      Thanks! I’ll check it out, I’m already starting the list for the next add to the list!

  • Reply DBChen June 22, 2019 at 8:23 pm

    Viki has added HIStory 1, 2, & 3. They are Taiwanese BL dramas

    • Reply Stephanie June 25, 2019 at 8:57 pm

      GAH! I’m not certain how it happened but they disappeared from the site! I promise I had them there as I’ve seen all of them (well, I’m currently watching season 3.) I’ll get them back up there. Which one is your favorite?

      • Reply DBChen June 28, 2019 at 11:47 am

        I’m only on ep 5 of season 3. Haven’t watched the others yet.

  • Reply EMY July 29, 2019 at 4:25 am

    Please add Bao Bao to this list.

  • Reply Adam September 13, 2019 at 12:33 am

    Red Wine in the Dark is a Thai movie, not Taiwanese.

    • Reply Stephanie October 20, 2019 at 9:31 pm

      BURN. Thanks for the heads up. I’m thinking no one wants to be associated with this one 😉

      • Reply Anon June 10, 2020 at 10:29 pm

        Watched The Younger, definitely not a happy ending. Like “what could anyone do to deserve this” level of not a happy ending.

        • Reply Mark Sydney Atienza Singh July 13, 2020 at 4:47 pm

          where to watch?

  • Reply sweetiiey October 8, 2019 at 7:55 am

    You should REALLY watch History 2. Especially Cross the Border. Love both stories but it was Cross the Border that properly redefined Taiwanese BL. It’s perfect in all sides: story, actors, pacing and chemistry. It’s the only one of the whole History stories that has a planned part 2 that isn’t just rumoured.

    • Reply Stephanie October 9, 2019 at 9:55 pm

      I’m not certain how History2 came off my list! Loved it! Loved, loved, loved it. They are doing some great things with this series. Looking forward to 3/2!

  • Reply Bobbie Charles Davies November 24, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    Just a note on Deep Blue and Moonlight. Loved the Series. Hated, Hated, Hated the ending. Don’t want to do a total spoiler here but I really feel for jilted. I really do. Don’t think for a minute I would have gone down so gracefully.

  • Reply Bobbie Charles Davies November 24, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    Ok girls and boys. Spoiler but I’ve just got to say it. The evolution shown in Taiwanese BL through the HIStory series is nothing short of amazing. Starting in 1 they barely kiss and touch. Then in two you get some touch development and better kissing. Girl and boy friends with the latest HIStory3 Make Our Days Count you get some glasses steamy scenes. Not shorts shots. The couch kiss just about made my eyeballs bounce off my iPad screen, tongue and grind. They are really starting to get into it. Katie bar the door! They really are getting better and better.

  • Reply Anita Mendoza February 19, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    Es donde encontré mas material lésbico ya q cuando dicen LGBT todo es Gay
    Gracias por las recomendaciones

  • Reply phuong August 31, 2020 at 2:47 am

    làm sao để xem được phim bao bảo và phim throuple có ai bán đĩa không ạ

  • Reply B September 6, 2020 at 6:39 am

    Triad Princess is a Taiwanese show with a BL side pair and they are so so cute and funny!

    • Reply Stephanie September 10, 2020 at 9:57 am

      Thanks for the heads up! I was thinking about watching that one as I saw Twogether and Jasper Lau seems to be the cutest thing ever!

      • Reply B September 12, 2020 at 3:37 pm

        oh I haven’t seen Twogether, but you’re right! He is super cute!

        • Reply Stephanie September 15, 2020 at 9:44 am

          Doooooit! Its the most adorable thing ever

  • Reply DBChen September 24, 2020 at 7:20 am

    Regarding languages in Because of You 2020. It’s pretty normal in bilingual families for different members to speak different languages.

    The Korean half brother grew up in Korea or lives mostly in Korea, so of course he’ll feel more comfortable speaking Korean, even if he understands Mandarin. And vice versa for the Taiwanese half brothers. It’s no big deal.

  • Reply James Miguel February 8, 2021 at 4:28 pm

    To everyone who did not watch Your Name Engraved Herein, here is a piece of advice. Once you’re in, you’ll never come out.

    • Reply Stephanie February 9, 2021 at 9:56 am

      LAUGH! Thanks for the advice! We still have to watch it but it keeps coming up on the short list.

    • Reply Victorino Jr. Villete April 4, 2021 at 1:42 am

      OMG. The story are really really good. It’s not about romances but you will have the smile when you see them together hanging out.

    • Reply Victorino Jr. Villete April 4, 2021 at 1:44 am

      Oh. All of the OST in the movie are so good. Especially the main OST. Even though I can’t understand the words. But whoever translated it, thank you for that. ahaha

    • Reply Nat May 20, 2021 at 7:03 am

      One of the best movies ” your name engraved herein” n thai series ” i told sunset about u” .. it just leaves a great impression in you n keeps lingering.

      even of storyline of HISTORY 3 was good…

  • Reply Victorino Jr. Villete April 4, 2021 at 1:40 am

    Have you already watch “Your Name Engraved Herein”? I’ve watched some LGBTQ movies but that’s my favorite. That movie made me cry and I cant help it but to watch and watch and watch it again. Ahaha

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