Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Sleepy Head

Posted by SaraG on June 3, 2021


I realize that I schedule these posts to pop onto the blog very early in the morning, but I typically write them in the middle of the day…I try to get them done on a Friday afternoon so I can tick it off my list for the weekend early and focus on fun things – like laundry and grocery shopping. Today, however, as I’m typing away, it’s Sunday night and I have been up since four this morning. I’m already in my jammies, my teeth are brushed, and I’m sleepy. But just as I was about to crawl into bed, I realized that I had been negligent in my duties and needed to get something hammered out and set up behind the scenes so I could forget about it for the rest of the week. 

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BL and Bubbles Calendar: June

Posted by Stephanie on June 2, 2021


Wow, I think this is the first time I’ve actually been so close to the first of the month getting the updated BL schedule out! I think it might be because I have BL on the brain. I know, you’re going to say, “Don’t you always have BL on the brain?” And I can’t say that you’re wrong. But, this week I can say the tide is especially high considering we just passed the holiday weekend and I spent a good portion of it catching up on some BL watching with my partner in BL and Bubble Tea crime, Alix. We watched so much and some of it was really good!

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New Favorite Thing: San Vs Jessi

Posted by Stephanie on June 1, 2021


SaraG sent this over to me a few days ago because she loves me and wants me to be happy. Here’s the thing. I love Jessi. I love ATEEZ. Mush them together and only wonderful things can happen…including this short dance-off between San and Jessi.

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Musical Monday – That’s How I Like My Dessert

Posted by SaraG on May 31, 2021


I quite enjoy really large groups for a myriad of reasons – the least of which isn’t that if a member decides or has the decision made for them to move on, the group isn’t destroyed. However, when a group has more than about five members, it can get a bit tactically complicated to give folks enough time in the limelight. Producers are either forced to give everyone the requisite handful of lines in a four-minute song or the group runs a risk of a ‘main vocal and his/backup dancers’ situation. And that’s never a good look when we’re dying to hear so and so do his thing occasionally. 

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Khottie of the Week: VAV’s Lou

Posted by Stephanie on May 30, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Back in the Khottie Saddle Again! Not sure why I needed to capitalize that, but I’m leaving it. This round had me searching our old file “TBD Khottie” a treasure trove of hotties previously missed. It includes the likes of what seems like all of ONF, some of The Rose, a smattering of GolCha, bunches of IMFACTs, and, one, I repeat, only one member of VAV. My eyes stopped there. Is it possible? Is there only one VAV member left? Of course, there could be a few more hiding under the age restriction, but the idea of completing my set? Crossing something off the list? Oooh, I can’t resist! So here we go, this week’s Khottie…. VAV’s Lou! Read more

Episode 273: Conversations On the Dog Walk

Posted by Stephanie on May 28, 2021


This episode we’re taking our favorite gal Lucy for a walk and while she sniffs, pees on things, eats grass and tries to dive bomb into a lake, we’re going to talk about the Monsta X announcement, ponder who we’d like to have a Kconversation with vs stare at creepily from across the room, talk cup sleeve events, and surprisingly a whole bunch more!


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Throwback (Not Musical) Thursday – Summer Activities

Posted by SaraG on May 27, 2021


My kiddos had their last day of school this past week and we are figuring out how best to balance keeping them busy, keeping them safe, and re-introducing them to the world after spending a year and a half at home in virtual school. My youngest is crazy resilient and not yet far enough into puberty to be all angsty and withdrawn – she made tons of friends in her online classes and has already been busy making plans with them for the coming months. The older one, on the other hand, is a full-on teen. She spends HOURS in her room watching YouTube and reading webtoons lamenting that she will have to go to band camp this summer with all of those other people around her – she would much prefer to play her clarinet in a VFW band than in support of any athletic endeavors. 

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KPop Is Coming To Town!

Posted by Stephanie on May 25, 2021


In a sign of hopeful things to come, it was announced this week that Monsta X has officially rescheduled their North American Tour! Which makes me wonder. How do we feel about this?

This isn’t the first time their tour, originally scheduled I want to say for summer 2020 was rescheduled. The first time, we all knew in our heart of hearts that it was a fake date. That the dates were so soon, there wasn’t even a deployed vaccine yet, we were all under heavy lockdown. We knew this was a date just to put out a date in order to once again reschedule. There was no way we were ready to go to a big venue of people, crammed in together, masks or no, to see a show. Now, in May 2021, where we’re looking at a pretty good vaccine result show, the possibility of concerts coming back is a real thing.

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Musical Monday – Passers By

Posted by SaraG on May 24, 2021


When I was a young 90’s kid in college, one of my fav movies was Sliding Doors. I love the idea of one tiny happenstance completely changing the outcome of someone’s life – like if I hadn’t been stopped by another student to chat, would I have been the one to find that big money scratch off in the parking lot? Or if I had signed up for a different offering of a class, would I have found a different college boyfriend to fall madly in love with? Maybe one that didn’t write poetry or use my meal card?

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Khottie of the Week: BamBam

Posted by Stephanie on May 23, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Uhhhhh…. I have a very important question to ask you guys. This is serious. We’re having a moment here. Why did none of you think to tell me how hot BamBam was? Don’t you think you should share these things? I mean, come on. How long have we been doing this? We’re talking YEARS here. And the fact that you decided to keep just how smoking hot BamBam was go yourselves? Well… let’s just say, I might forgive but I don’t forget.

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