Teasing Upcoming Kdrama Teasers

Posted by Stephanie on July 22, 2020


There are distinct stages of promotion or news before bringing a new drama out. We have the 1) so and so is considering upcoming drama 2) So and so officially cast in upcoming drama 3) Table read of upcoming drama 4) Poster of upcoming drama 5) Character posters of upcoming drama 6) Teasers of upcoming drama 7) Premier. Every drama goes through this sequence, some going back and repeating a few steps, but all of them eventually hit each one.

And we eagerly await them all. Read more

Korean Movie Night: At Home

Posted by Stephanie on July 21, 2020


When I lived in New York, I used to love going to the movie night events put on by the Korean Cultural Center. They rented out a theater in Tribeca and, first come, first served, you’d go and watch a Korean movie for free! I watched the likes of Gong Yoo’s The Suspect, T.O.P’s Commitment, Jung Woo Sung’s The Divine Move, Yeo Jin Gu’s Hwayi: Monster Boy, the list goes on and on. Its actually one of the things I really miss about living in the city. The Cultural Center does a great job spreading the Korean word.

And they’ve only stepped up their game during the shutdown!

Since no one in their right mind wants to go to a movie theater right now, they’ve moved their movie night to your tv (or computer or tablet). They’ve extended their series Korean Movie Night At Home and you have a week to see some popular movies with even more popular actors–did I mention you can do this for free? Read more

Musical Monday – Heat Wave

Posted by SaraG on July 20, 2020


We worship Kpop idols. We watch them do the most mundane things as if it were an art film and we knew what’s going on. We laud them for their crazy talent and dedication to their craft. We marvel over their unreal beauty and physique. It’s crazy to think that creatures like this exist in the same world as plain old me, let alone that they’re actually just people working in shitty conditions with not quite enough food and probably questionable sleeping quarters. But it’s true, that’s who they are. 

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Pick A Side

Posted by SaraG on July 16, 2020


I read a really interesting article the other day all about how the whole world is kind of in this psychological fight or flight mode because we’re trapped in a situation full of the ‘unknown.’ A LOT of people are in fight and are clinging to control – whether to mask or not, whether to social distance or not – as their preferred arena for battle. This explanation of why the world feels so combative actually helps me a ton. I have that oh so righteous “I’m right and you’re all wrong” feeling in my gut and understanding where this is coming from helps me step back and understand, if not agree with, the other side. They aren’t the bad guys, they’re scared and posturing in the same way that I’m scared and posturing. 

Note: I AM right, wear a damn mask and socially distance – even when you have to be a little bit social for your mental health. 

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Kpop Workouts: A Followup

Posted by Stephanie on July 16, 2020


To those of you who thought I abandoned the Kpop Workouts since I haven’t been posting anymore, let me just say, you apparently don’t know me very well, and frankly that disappoints me. Five days a week I tell you, five days a week, I haul my ass out of bed, roll back the carpet, and start my workout. Depending on the video I workout anywhere from 30-50 minutes, shower, go to work. Rinse. Repeat.

If that’s the case why haven’t I been posting? You don’t believe me? Well, you have then also forgotten a very important thing about me…I’m super repetitive and boring. I have no new posts to write for you because I’m doing no new workouts. After a lot of trial and error, I found some channels that work for me and I stick there.

So, I guess this experiment has been a success? Read more

Variety Alert: Eating With K-Bob Star!

Posted by Stephanie on July 14, 2020


You know how I have a thing? A special quirk? An itsy bitsy fetish one might say? And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. Who of you out there love idols? Lots of you, lots of you. Keep your hands raised if you love watching idols eating! Oooh! I knew I wasn’t the only one. Well, if you are like me and love watching idols stuff their faces with food while promoting their newest release, then K-Bob Star is the variety show for you! Read more

Musical Monday – In These Unprecedented Times

Posted by SaraG on July 13, 2020


It’s been yet another trying week in the world, and particularly so in public health and pandemic response. It’s rough out there. Luckily, I have a well-established path to escapism by way of Kpop, Kdrama, and other Asian entertainment. I don’t know where’d I’d be without the pics, gifs, and links to YouTube content that I get on a routine basis or without the neverending supply of dramas available to suit almost any mood. And as I’m sure you’ve seen and probably heard, a lot of recent stuff is being influenced by the pandemic and not just because there’s no live audience. Liberal use of hand sanitizer during every variety show, stringent hand washing in dramas,  and even clever marketing by entertainment companies to support public health messaging has been popping up in all sorts of places (thank you for the group logo updates, Nu’est and Seventeen, public health loves you too). 

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Khottie of the Week: Squishy Love, Seventeen’s Hoshi!

Posted by Stephanie on July 12, 2020

Khottie of the Week

It’s been a bit since we’ve been able to do a Khottie, with so much going on, it just seemed…ick. However, I don’t know about you, but I could use some happy and looking up Khottie picks? Well, that makes me happy. You know who else makes me happy who just turned 24? Seventeen’s Hoshi. I mean, how can you look at this face and not want to smile?

It’s like a biological necessity. Read more

Episode 242: Hopping Through Asia

Posted by Cherry Cordial on July 10, 2020


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Show Notes

Sickness and famine can’t keep us away! Oh wait, it did ! But we’re back this week with a new “what we’ve been watching episode!’ This week, we’re hitting so many different countries, China, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam! It’s an Asian extravaganza!

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