Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Surprise Finds

Posted by Stephanie on December 23, 2021


Don’t you love it when you bump into one of those surprise finds? A song or a group you didn’t know or had heard of but never really paid attention to? Then all of a sudden there it is, then there it is again, and then one more time? You then wonder why you never paid attention before? Were they always this good or was it just this song or release? Should I now go and binge everything they’ve ever done? Or just keep going?

Recently, for me, that was CIX. Read more

The Farewell Tour: Highlights and Lowlights 2017-2019

Posted by Stephanie on December 22, 2021


And this is where life got real crazy. I moved to Colorado, hired onto an amazing job which, unfortunately, came with a huge amount of overtime. Great for the pocketbook and experience, but not great for the drama watching time. But looking back, I do like where the variety took me from different countries to genres. I have a mystery time travel from Japan, Korean zombies, a great high school noir, and some good old fashioned romances both of the chaebol and underdog variety. This is also sees the start of our dear friend Alix’s descent into BL and the rise of our BL and Bubbles weekend watching marathons. Good times.

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The Farewell Tour: Highlights and Lowlights 2015-2016

Posted by Stephanie on December 21, 2021


Looking back at my watching history, it’s funny how you can see just when my life started to really change. Life started to get hard. Really hard and I found myself falling into a bit of a funk that made it really hard for me to watch dramas. My long-term job started going downhill, I had a knee injury that kept me pretty immobile, my job ended, and then I found a new job one that was terrible. Long hours and very little happiness. Sure looking back I know I had to go through these years in order to get to where I am now, you know, darkest before the dawn and all that, but it’s hard to look back! Upside, this was when I got hot into Kpop and I managed to spend what little money I did have on kpop concerts and schwag. We still have some great shows going on here, some idols next door, some more BL (good and bad), and a few jaunts through history. Also interesting to note, this is where my tastes start to change from romance to something a little…darker. Huh. I wonder why??? Read more

Musical Monday: The Did That Just Happen Edition?

Posted by Stephanie on December 20, 2021


Can this post just be SQUEE? With grinning and appropriate arm flapping? Because that might be all I’ve got.

When I heard that ATEEZ was coming back with another album I was like…. already? Hasn’t it been three seconds since they came out with the last one? Not that I’m ever going to say no to new music, right? Fangirls take what they are given and are happy for it. I think I come from a, ‘man, I hope they aren’t being overworked’ perspective, but I guess in the times of COVID, there isn’t quite as much promotion after an album release as there once was. It’s pretty much, get ready for the album, put the album out, do some music show performances, start prepping for the next album.

So that being the case, YAY, new music! Read more

Farewell Tour: The A.C.E Party

Posted by Stephanie on December 19, 2021

General/ Music

Whoops, this post was supposed to go up on Friday but SOMEBODY got sucked in by a drama. (Spoiler alert: That person was me!) I also promised this post a month ago after the event happened, but what can I say, I’m a procrastinator, but I couldn’t let the site close without one more kpop crafting event. The event in particular?

ValB and Stephanie’s EPIC A.C.E. Concert Party.

A few months back, A.C.E had their online concert for their recent Siren : Dawn release. While the Denver Kpop friend group is filled with three different A.C.E fangirls, we weren’t able to watch the concert together and ValB and I decided that night we needed to have an event that fixed that and from there the A.C.E viewing party was born.

Here’s the thing. Both ValB and I are crazy crafty. Turns out we may be the best/worst partners in crime as we turned a simple, let’s get everyone together to watch the concert when the VOD comes live into an elaborate theme party. I love theme parties and used to throw them all the time, Val took my inspirations, added to them, threw thew her own into a pot, and something crazy and over the top was born. There was no “Is this too much?” it was more, fuck it, we want to do this, we’re going to do this.

And we did it.

So here are some of our pictures/video of our A.C.E Party!

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Khottie of the Week: Seventeen’s Vernon

Posted by Stephanie on December 19, 2021

Khottie of the Week

I realized we’re so close to getting all of the Seventeen boys done for Khottie. So. Close. I figured it fitting to have one of our last few Khotties be one of the last few guys from the group. And funnily enough, he’s one of my favorites so I’m not entirely certain why we hadn’t made it to him before. Vernon…swooooon Vernon. Let’s get started. Read more

Farewell Tour: Least Favorite BLs

Posted by Stephanie on December 18, 2021


While in the past I’ve had a few posts on my favorite BLs, I’ve never talked about the ones I didn’t like or the ones that really irritated me, coming out the end going “Why did I watch this? I hated everyone.” Well, that’s what this post is… a collection of my least favorite BL series with the idea that maybe you can avoid them, that our time watching them was really just a case of us taking one for the team. Read more

Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Chungha

Posted by Stephanie on December 16, 2021


I’m not going to say I’m an anti-fan of female artists, that would be rude and untrue, its just, when I flip on my music players, they are never really the music I go to when I want a good listen. However, there are a few exceptions and, due to a weird turn my Youtube Music took for about a week, messing with all my playlists, Chungha is now one of them.

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The Farewell Tour: Highlights and Lowlights 2013-2014

Posted by Stephanie on December 15, 2021


In 2013-2014, my drama watching was still going strong. It’s here that I started branching out to more genres, dipping my toes into other countries, and it will be the first time you see BL pop up in my watching history. We have flower boys, androids, salarymen, time travel, and a man known as Doctor’s Son. An exciting time in dramas and a lot of these I could see myself tossing aside my current watch list and giving them a thorough rewatch! Read more

The Farewell Tour: Highlights and Lowlights 2011-2012

Posted by Stephanie on December 14, 2021


When I was hooked onto Kdrama, I hooked hard and I hooked fast. Like instantly fast. From then on I hardly watched anything else. At first, it was ONLY Kdrama. It took me a little while to branch out, I’d like to think that its primarily due to the lack of access we had to Chinese, Japanese, or Thai dramas rather than a disinterest, I think I was so hyper-focused on Kdrama, and getting my hands on whatever shows I could, I didn’t have time or capacity to branch out. I’m happy to say that I have in later years. Looking back over my last decade of tv watching, it’s fun to see how my watching styles have changed over the years. I started with straight romance, then weekend dramas, then other countries, then BL hit me hard, and nowadays it’s pretty rare for me to watch an old-fashioned romantic drama. Oh, how we change.

I thought a fun thing for the last few weeks of the site would be to take a look back through the last ten years of dramas, to see what some of my favorites and least favorite shows that came out that year were.

I should probably caveat that these are the shows I remembered to log into MyDramaList. And I only counted the shows that came out that year, not the shows I watched within the year. As I have a lot of shows (some of my favorites) that came out in the years earlier. Read more

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